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 Hunan Tunan Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the research and development and production of large-scale scientific and technological equipment and technical services, and is determined to become a leader in the field of bulk material loading and unloading and customized equipment and other subdivided industries.

 The company's team is mainly from the core r & d members of the domestic industry benchmark enterprises. The company's R & D investment maintains a rapid growth of 30%, and the r & d personnel account for more than 60%. With the team's excellent research and development innovation ability and long-term experience in the field of construction machinery, it has been recognized by large enterprises such as China Railway Technology and Industry, Liugong forklift, CRRC Group, State Grid, Anhui Railway Crane and other large enterprises in the early stage of its establishment, and has carried out related project cooperation.

 At present, the company has made great achievements in port equipment, bulk material loading and unloading, and customized products.

1. Port equipment: domestic front hanging project, the whole team participated in the design from scratch, rich technical experience and mature industrial line. In 2019, it began to cooperate with China Railway Science and Industry, Anhui Iron Crane and other enterprises, and added the new star in its brand product cluster.

2. Loading and unloading of bulk materials: Container flip fork installed series products comply with the national strategic policy of "bulk to collection", and conduct independent research and development in 2020, successfully creating the first one-time unloading of container bulk material.

3. Customized products: In 2021, according to the State Grid to solve the problem of manual operation in high-risk working conditions, develop portable intelligent climbing insulation platform, one-key lifting, highly efficient intelligent operation, and fully independent intellectual property rights; in 2022, in the policy of rail and distribution, seize the railway freight yard coal, develop the container flip crane according to the market demand, and achieve a win-win situation that can both meet the national policy and realize the doubling of industrial efficiency.

As a high-tech enterprise, the company has always put technological innovation in the core position of development, attaches great importance to intellectual property rights, and takes independent research and development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements as a beacon for the company to move forward. The company has won the title of "national high-tech enterprise", "provincial specialized, special and medium-sized enterprises", "industrial enterprises above scale" and so on, remarkable technical achievements, has applied for and authorized more than 30 patents.