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Introduction to Front Hanger

发布Time: 2023-07-21 15:32:28

新闻Copyfrom: 湖南图南机械科技有限公司

Front End Loader, abbreviated as reachstacker or reach stacker, is a type of container crane specifically designed for 20-foot and 40-foot international containers. It is a lifting equipment that can also be considered a mobile machine. It is mainly used for the stacking of containers and the horizontal transportation of docks and yards. Compared with forklifts, it has the advantages of flexibility, convenient operation, good stability, lower wheel pressure, higher stacking layers, and higher yard utilization rates. It can perform cross-box operations. It is particularly suitable for container loading and unloading at small and medium-sized ports, railway transfer stations, and highway transfer stations, and can also serve as an auxiliary equipment for large container terminals.
The structure of the front end loader consists of a construction machinery chassis, extendable arm, container crane, and other components. The chassis includes an engine, power shuttle transmission gearbox, front axle, rear wheel axle, steering system, cab, frame, counterweight, and wheels. The extendable arm includes extendable cylinders; the jib cylinder; and other components. The container crane includes a rotating mechanism, upper frame, connecting frame, lower frame, extendable frame, extendable cylinder, anti-vibration cylinder, lateral cylinder, and rotating lock cylinder.

The front end loader has an extendable and rotatable container crane that can be used for loading and unloading 20-foot and 40-foot containers. When lifting a container, the front loader does not need to be perpendicular to the container but can operate at an angle with the container. After lifting, the jib can rotate through relatively narrow passages. At the same time, the jib can move 800mm horizontally to align with the container for loading and unloading operations, thereby improving work efficiency. For cargo stations with poor site conditions, the front end loader can still operate normally.


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